The first rental bike in Palermo, choose one bike or one tour

Marsala by bike



Welcome to all lovers of this wild and warm land. With our comfortable bicycles, we will take you, ride after ride, in a lovely tour in the western part of Sicily: where there was the landing of the Garibaldi’s Thousand, the beautiful island of Mozia, the white salt pan of Trapani, the majesty of the temples of Selinunte that were the most imposing of the Mediterranean sea, until we get to the most beautiful vineyards in the world in a paradise called Menfi. We will ride through hills full of history and magic. You won’t miss anything: nature, see, silence, stories, anecdotes, secrets; moreover, the funny Valentina and the quite but reliable Cesare will follow and provide you with our bikes throughout your trip by recommending the right gear and why not, by keeping the bikes at the top for your daily ride. What are you waiting for? We are ready, are you coming with us?